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Chocolates Extraordinaire

We are pleased to present our unique range of raw chocolates called Yummy Me! We wish to bring home the important message of each of us feeling and Being Yummy Within

Our chocolate delights are lovingly handmade in small batches and imbued with a Specific Intention. These intentions represent the basic qualities that lie within us for attaining the highest human potential. Drawing upon these intentions, the flavours are specially blended to compliment and enhance each intention. In addition, each chocolate contains a rice paper message for that intention. Each time you enjoy one of our chocolates, you may be surprised to find that the message within, may just be the one that you needed to hear in that moment! They serve as a gentle reminder for us to to reconnect back to our self.

In essence, these great tasting chocolates will give you a fabulous boost to your day!


About the Chocolates

Our chocolates are created with a mélange of delightful flavours that would intrigue and delight any newcomer to Raw Chocolate.

The chocolate ingredients, organic wherever possible, are sourced from all over the world, and are provided by small sustainable companies, with high ethical values. The recipes are a synergistic blend of herbs, spices and natural flavours combined with the raw chocolate ingredients. They are free of preservatives, colouring, fillers. The chocolates are vegan; dairy, soy, gluten free, and made without refined sugar. Some of the recipes do contain nuts (please note that the products are peanut free), for any concerns of nut allergies, please see the ingredients on the back of the chocolates. 
All chocolates are made at temperatures below 40° Celsius, to retain the nutritional qualities of cacao ingredients, and are individually handwrapped.

Take time each day to give to Your Self...
Enjoy a Chocolate Meditation!

Life is fast paced these days and we all have full and busy days. A 'Yummy Me' begins with bringing focus back to 'Me' and we recommend that you take some time out each day to give to your self. A delicious treat of raw chocolate, will give you a boost of renewed energy, promote great health and vitality, and most of all, make you smile!

Give your self a break and do a Chocolate Meditation.

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