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About Us

Ma Prem Soham, is the originator of this brand of chocolates. Trained as a holistic therapist, she has worked with clients for 20 years to bring health, harmony and vitality to the each person, using various methods and techniques.  As an avid foodie, she was first introduced to raw chocolate in 2010 and began playing in her kitchen to make chocolate for family and friends. Later on, she decided incorporate her life's work with chocolate and designed this range. The company was launched in 2012. 

Soham wanted to create something special with this line of chocolates. She wanted to spread the Message of 'Love and Acceptance' to the world. 'YummyMe' signifies her own personal journey and experience of working with many people.

The concept is that when we 'feel yummy within' or in other words when we fully love our self, we can love others, be in peace, harmony and feel blissful.

This feeling of wellbeing and balance allows us to live our highest potential, achieve all that we wish for and gives us impetus to play and collaborate with others.

Soham also works with a small team of people. Each are also aligned with the 'Yummy Me' vision. From conception to production, they maintain the highest quality and integrity of the idea of feeding the world, through giving lovingly and conscious intent. With chocolate being one of the best loved foods on the planet, what better way than to combine and share these delicious vibes all in one?