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Welcome to our 'Be Inspired' page!

The idea is to explore further each of the intentions and to stimulate growth and development within the pertinent areas of ourselves, when needed. Let these words inspire us into coming, into the fullness of our being and deepen more in love, providing us with a vision to expand further into our greatness.

This week's inspiration is about:


"Relax your mind and begin to see things for what they are."

Have you ever sat around doing nothing and all of a sudden you catch yourself coming up with a great idea or perhaps you have been working on something, and out of nowhere a solution presents itself to you?

These are the times when we are not 'making our minds work'! Great ideas come to us all the time. The question is: "Are we tuned into ourselves enough to get these gems?" One way to consistently have this access is to keep the mind quiet. In our busy-ness, we may not realise that messages are coming to us. Our minds are occupied with constant live commentary, often thinking about the past, planning for the future etc. Just like having a conversation with someone in a loud and busy place, it is difficult to hear what your friend may be saying to you. In a similar way, it would be difficult to hear these special messages coming from within!

So how do we maximise the chance of getting these important messages? One way to do this, is through meditation, or to sit in a quiet, relaxed state.
Just like training monkeys, (hence the analogy used to describe the mind  as the monkey mind), the mind can be easily trained to cooperate with you. It simply takes practice.

Start today by sitting quietly and relaxing the mind. A good tip is to focus on your breathing. Begin by taking slow long deep breaths and maintain the breathing throughout. You may observe that after a while, your mind will begin to quieten down. If it starts getting 'chatty' again, simply observe what is going on. Just like you would sit, observing the clouds passing by, allow the thoughts to pass by without bringing any judgement or attention to it. Each time, come back to focusing on your breath. In time the process gets easier and easier. Ideally, you may wish to practice this daily for minimum of 20 minutes, or 40 minutes when you get more accustomed to it. In time you will find yourself stilling your mind with ease.