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Chocolates for your Pleasure...

The Yummy Me Chocolate selection consists of 9 intentions.

You may order individual ones or the complete set of 9 known as the Welcome Home Pack.

They also come in Packs of three: pick any 3 of your choice individually,
or select 3 and request to have a wrapped as a gift.

Your chocolates will come with a Chocolate Meditation Instruction Sheet (alternatively you can go to our Chocolate Meditation section to get the instructions.)

Light Chocolate with a full Vanilla flavour
Dark Chocolate with Maple and Pecan Flavour
Dark Chocolate with Lemongrass flavour
Dark chocolate with Orange flavour
Dark Chocolate with Coconut and Macadamia Nut
White Chocolate with Tangy Raspberry Flavour
Light Chocolate with Rose Flavour
Dark Chocolate with Chilli Flavour
Dark Chocolate with Tangy Raspberry and Black Currant and a hint of Lavender
The Welcome Home Pack is a set of all nine Intentions. Comes in a clear gift pack.
Rich, Dark and Full of Goodness
Pick any three of your favourite choices and save £2.00. Also available in a gift pack.