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Chocolates for your Pleasure...

The Yummy Me Chocolate selection consists of 9 intentions.

You may order individual ones or the complete set of 9 known as the Welcome Home Pack.

They also come in Packs of three: pick any 3 of your choice individually,
or select 3 and request to have a wrapped as a gift.

Your chocolates will come with a Chocolate Meditation Instruction Sheet (alternatively you can go to our Chocolate Meditation section to get the instructions.)

Bliss - Be Happy!
Light Chocolate with a full Vanilla flavour
Celebration - Share the Joy!
Dark Chocolate with Maple and Pecan Flavour
Clarity - Enhance Creativity and Focus!
Dark Chocolate with Lemongrass flavour
Courage - Connect with your Inner Power!
Dark chocolate with Orange flavour
Gratitude - Appreciate all of Life!
Dark Chocolate with Coconut and Macadamia Nut
Innocence - Re-Discover the Joy of Life!
White Chocolate with Tangy Raspberry Flavour
Love - Embrace more Love!
Light Chocolate with Rose Flavour
Passion - Live your Passion!
Dark Chocolate with Chilli Flavour
Serenity - Find your Stillness!
Dark Chocolate with Tangy Raspberry and Black Currant and a hint of Lavender
Welcome Home Pack
The Welcome Home Pack is a set of all nine Intentions. Comes in a clear gift pack.
Yummy Me Decadent Truffles
Rich, Dark and Full of Goodness
Yummy Me Trio
Pick any three of your favourite choices and save £2.00. Also available in a gift pack.